What is a family health team?

A Family Health Team is a group of health care providers who work together to help keep you and your family healthy and to coordinate the best possible care for your health needs.  The ADFHT is a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer board.  Family Health Teams ensure that people receive the care they need in their communities, as each team is set-up based on local health and community needs. They focus on chronic disease management, disease prevention and health promotion, and work with other health care organizations, such as Public Health Units and Community Care Access Centres.

A team approach offers you better access to appropriate health care in your own community. Team members include: family physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social workers, dietitians, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, psychologists and other professionals who work together to provide health care for their community.

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What health professionals are a part of the Arnprior and District Family Health Team (ADFHT)?

The Arnprior and District Family Health Team (ADFHT) includes 17 physicians, nurse practitioners, a dietician, social workers, registered practical nurses, a respiratory therapist, a psychologist and a pharmacist. Each health care provider has expertise in specific areas. All of the health professionals are committed to working together to provide comprehensive, accessible, coordinated primary health care services to their enrolled populations.  The team emphasizes prevention and healthy living as much as treating illness.

Our team works in a collaborative practice environment and all programs are designed and delivered in a collaborative approach to care.  The goal will be to provide optimal patient care efficiently and effectively, using the skills and expertise of all team members.

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Our Governance

The Arnprior & District Family Health Team is a not-for-profit corporation that is led by some Community Members and Physicians.  The Executive Director of our FHT reports to the Board of Directors made up of 4 Family Physicians and 3 Community Members.

Our Funding

Our FHT is funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, based largely on the number of patients rostered to our family physicians. This number determines how many interdisciplinary health care providers are approved for our FHT. It also determines funding available to our FHT to set up and maintain ongoing operations associated with our health care providers, programs and services.

How the Program Works

Health Care Connect helps you in your search for a family health care provider. How does the program do this?

  • A health information questionnaire will be administered to you when you register for the program to determine your level of need for a family health care provider.
  • This health information and your contact information will be given to a nurse in your community, called a Care Connector, who is assigned by the program to help you in your search for a provider.
  • Your Care Connector will attempt to find a family health care provider for you by:
    • reviewing the health information you provided when you registered with the program
    • contacting you with additional questions, if needed
    • working with local family health care providers to determine who may be accepting new patients in your community

Health Care Connect attempts to find a provider for you but priority is given to those with the most need for family health care.

How much will this cost me?

There is no cost to you for any of the services.  All the programs and services offered by the ADFHT are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Will I always see my family physician at my appointments?

No not necessarily.  When you call the ADFHT to book an appointment, the receptionist will determine which member of our team you should be making an appointment with depending on your health care needs. Sometimes it may be necessary for you to have an appointment with your family physician or the physician that is working in the after- hours clinic. Sometimes you may see another member of our interdisciplinary team.  It really depends on the nature of your health care needs at the time of your call. We do our best to arrange your appointment within 24 hours of calling the ADFHT.

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French Language Services

One of the ADFHT physicians and some of our IHP are able to provide services to French speaking patients.