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346 John Street North, Suite 255
Arnprior, Ontario, K7S 2P6

Toll free 1-877-622-5763
Fax line 613-622-0320


Karen Simpson,  Executive Director
Mary Miltimore, Office Manager
Melanie Kruger, Receptionist
Casey McNulty, Receptionist
Sylvie Hutton, FHO Coordinator

Inter-Professional Health Care Providers

Amanda Brown, Registered Practical Nurse
Ursula Chavez, Psychological Associate
Karen Dube, Nurse Practitioner
Colin Ellis, Psychotherapist
Lauren Golding, Nurse Practitioner
Danielle Hill,
Respiratory Therapist
Jordyn Mask, Registered Practical Nurse (contract)
Magnolia McCallum, Social Worker (contract)
Justine McNulty, Social Worker
Marlo Michelson, Registered Nurse
Israa Rahmaan, Pharmacist
Jackie Rousseau, Social Worker
Kristy Webb, Dietitian
Alana Young, Nurse Practitioner

Board of Directors

Mr. Jay Johnston, Chair
Dr. Rob Boersma, Vice-Chair, Physician  Representative
Dr. Diego Garcia, Physician Representative
Mr. Paul Neumann, Community Representative
Dr. Jonathan Fitzsimon, Secretary, Physician Representative
Dr. Michael Fishman, Physician Representative
Mr. Mike Poirier, Community Representative

To contact our Board of Directors you can send an e-mail to or call 613-622-5763.

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Family Health Team Physicians
in Arnprior

Dr. Becker – Lead Physician 613-623-2048 Suite 257
Dr. Boersma 613-623-0311 Suite 21
Dr. Cremer 613-622-1800, 274 Ida Street North, Suite 1066
Dr. Fannon  613-622-1800, 274 Ida Street North, Suite 1066
Dr. Fishman
613-622-5227 Suite 157
Dr. Garcia 613-622-5227 Suite 157
Dr. Gordon 613-623-7939 Suite 154
Dr. Kurian 613-623-2048 Suite 257
Dr. Montgomery 613-622-5227 Suite 157
Dr. Nejad 613-622-5227 Suite 157
Dr. Padeanu 613-622-1800, 274 Ida Street North, Suite 1066
Dr. Ridgen 613-622-1800, 274 Ida Street North, Suite 1066                            Dr. Rivington 613-623-7765 Suite 54
Dr. Schriver 613-623-4273 Suite 155
Dr. Suzuki 613-623-2048 Suite 257
Dr. Yau 613-622-5227 Suite 157
Dr. Zadow 613-622-5227 Suite 157

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