Lyme disease risk areas map

Ottawa Valley Spring/Summer 2017

  • In Ontario, Lyme disease is only transmitted through the blacklegged tick.
  • Since 1990, Eastern Ontario has seen an increase in blacklegged tick populations (yellow map areas).

Symptomssymptoms of Lyme disease

  • Symptoms of Lyme disease usually begin between three days and one month after being bitten by an infected tick.
  • Early symptoms of Lyme disease may include; fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, fatigue and a red “bull’s eye” rash.

A rash is NOT always present.


  • Avoid tick bites by using insect repellent when outdoors
  • Wear long sleeved tops and long pants when in wooded areas
  • Remove ticks from the body as soon as possible
  • Removing tick habitats from around the home (keep wild grasses and trees trimmed back)
  • Remember to check your pets!

When to see your doctor or nurse practitioner

tickPublic health is now recommending a SINGLE dose of antibiotic medication if:

  • A blacklegged tick was attached for > 24hrs OR was removed < 72 hrs ago
  • The tick appeared swollen (“engorged”) when it was removed
  • You are not pregnant
  • You are over 8 years of age

Whether you receive antibiotics or not, you should monitor for symptoms of Lyme for 30 days if you suspect you have been bitten by a tick.

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