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The Arnprior Family Health Team works together to help keep you and your family healthy and to coordinate the best possible care for your health needs.

Healthy Tidbits

Unlock the Potential of Food – Nutrition Month

THE POTENTIAL TO FUEL FIVE TIPS FOR HEALTHY SNACKS Snacks are foods or drinks that are consumed between meals. When you’re on-the run during a busy day, think of snacks as mini-meals that offer some nutritional value and an energy boost. Examples are an apple with peanut

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Healthy Relationships: Children and Families

Families are not necessarily those who are biologically related. Families can be made up of anyone a person considers to be their family! Strong, positive relationships help build trust, manage stress, and improve overall well-being. Children learn about relationships first from their families and can use this

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What is a Concussion? A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury. It happens when a blow (hit) to the head or body disrupts normal brain function. Some people lose consciousness (get ‘knocked out’) after a concussion, but most do not. Occasionally, concussion symptoms may last longer

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Dealing With Loss

What is Grief and What Can I Find Support? Grief can be understood as the process of dealing with the feelings that follow from a significant loss Grief is a unique journey and as such, the emotions that one experiences in the aftermath of a loss vary

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Lyme Disease Update

Ottawa Valley Spring/Summer 2017 In Ontario, Lyme disease is only transmitted through the blacklegged tick. Since 1990, Eastern Ontario has seen an increase in blacklegged tick populations (yellow map areas). Symptoms Symptoms of Lyme disease usually begin between three days and one month after being bitten by

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