Aging and Memory Loss

It can be scary to think about memory changes as we age and how it affects everyday life! We all will have some memory changes as we get older, but, for some people, Alzheimer’s and Dementia are unwelcoming words. As with any other medical condition, early detection,Read more


Osteoporosis is a bone disease. The word ‘osteoporosis’ literally means ‘porous bones’. It is a bone disorder characterized by decreased bone strength as a result of reduced bone quantity and quality. A person with osteoporosis has an increased risk of breaking a bone (fracturing) easily. Risk Factors

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Stress: Not Always a Bad Thing

Stress can be understood as our body’s response to any significant change we experience, regardless of whether we interpret this change as desirable or undesirable. Interestingly… An American study determined that those who reported a significant increase in stress in the last year had a 43% increased

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