Patient Enrollment with the Arnprior and District Family Health Team

If your family physician is a member of the ADFHT, you will be rostered with the ADFHT.

Patient Enrollment Requirements

By completing and signing the Patient Enrollment Form, patients commit to the following:

• To seek treatment from their family doctor or the team first, unless they are traveling or find themselves in an emergency situation.
• To allow the ministry to provide their doctor or the FHT with information about services they have received from family doctors outside the FHT, and some preventative care services.

Patients remain enrolled unless they are no longer eligible for OHIP, move outside of the geographic area of the ADFHT, enroll with a primary health care physician in another group, or choose to cancel their enrollment. Please inform your physician if you are receiving specialized treatment from another doctor outside of the ADFHT.

Helping you find a family doctor

If you currently do not have a family physician you can register with Health Care Connect by calling 1-800-445-1822.

You must be a rostered patient with one of our participating family health team physicians. You can be referred to any of the family health team’s inter-professional health care providers by your family physician or by calling our receptionist to book an appointment at ( 613) 622- 5763 or (613) 622- 7691.

If you are calling to cancel an appointment that was booked with your family physician, please call his/her office directly to cancel your appointment. If you are calling to cancel an appointment with one of our inter-professional health care providers, please call the ADFHT office to cancel your appointment.

Please bring your health card with you to each visit. You will be asked to present it when checking in with the receptionist. If you have changed your address or your telephone number, please notify the receptionist. Check the expiry date on your health card and arrange for a new one before it expires. If your address or name has changed, visit or call your local OHIP office or refer to the ministry website at

If your health card is lost, stolen or damaged please call the Ministry’s INFO line at 1-800-664-8998. In Arnprior, you may visit the Service Ontario office at the Driver and Vehicle and Health Card Renewal Office at:100 Madawaska Boulevard, Arnprior, ON K7S 1S7

Their hours of operation are: Monday to Wednesday & Friday 8:30a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m

When you receive a new health card please bring it to the clinic with you each time you attend and show the receptionist so they can update your information in our system with your new version code and expiry date.

Taking a patient's blood pressure