May 19, 2022

Arnprior, ON – Jay Johnston, Board Chair of Arnprior and District Family Health Team (ADFHT), and Karen Simpson, Executive Director, ADFHT, released the following joint statement:

On December 21, 2021, Arnprior Regional Health (ARH) was made aware of an unauthorized access to their IT system. As a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer board, ADFHT purchases IT services and houses its files on ARH’s network. We were informed by ARH of the cybersecurity incident and initially told that our information was not affected.

Unfortunately, on April 1, 2022, ongoing investigations revealed that some ADFHT data had, in fact, been compromised. ADFHT had concluded when the breach occurred that the personal health information in its electronic medical record was not compromised, and this has been reconfirmed by cyber forensic experts retained to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the matter.

Working in partnership with ARH, we are now notifying individuals that fall into the following categories that their information may have been impacted:

Those on a physician waiting list with the Family Health Team from 2010-2022; Patients of Dr. McBride in August 2007 or March 2011, Dr. Robson in June 2017, Dr. Villis or Dr. Kiskis in July 2018, or patients of the Arnprior Medical Group in July 2020; and, Individuals who were contacted for the Flu Shot clinic in 2017 or 2019-2020.

Patients in these categories may have had some of their personal data accessed. This could include name, contact information, date of birth, health card number or some personal health information.

Further information on these categories and who may have been impacted, in addition to what to do if you believe that you may fall into one of these categories is now posted on the ARH website:

Individuals may fall into more than one category because of file overlap. Please also note that if your personal information with the ADFHT was impacted other than in the categories posted on the ARH website, then you will receive an individual notification.

As an organization, ADFHT takes the security of patient information very seriously and this is being treated as our highest priority. We have been working closely with ARH and their internal and external IT experts. ARH has invested in leading edge technologies to protect our mutual IT system and data from the ever-growing cybersecurity threats.

In conjunction with ARH, we have set up a dedicated call centre for this incident to answer any questions patients may have and can be reached at: 1-833-806-1882


The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC) has been notified of the breach. To file a complaint, please visit:

We recognize the discomfort and concern this may cause our patients, and once again reiterate our commitment to protecting our systems and patient information against cybersecurity threats.”

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